Stream 2 – Healthy Relationship for Youth

Stream 2 - Healthy Relationships for Youth

In partnership with Health Canada, Circling Buffalo Inc. has been working on the Stream 2 – Healthy Relationships for Youth project which focuses on promoting healthy relationships among First Nations children and youth.

Our goal is to promote healthy relationships in children and youth by creating an understanding of the key elements of a happy, healthy relationship. Domestic violence rates are highest and most prevalent among First Nation communities. If we equip our young people with the knowledge of what healthy relationships look like, we will foster positive role models in our communities that will contribute to healthier communities for the next generations to come.

The Healthy Relationships for Youth project aims to visit 14 schools / communities per year, bringing in motivational speakers and interactive workshops. These sessions will encourage youth participation and help build their self-esteem and self-worth so that participants feel they are worthy of healthy, loving relationships.

7 Elements of a Healthy Relationship:
  • Respect
  • Equality
  • Safety
  • Trust
  • Being Yourself
  • Support
  • Communication
Primary Contact

Youth Coordinator
Health Canada – Stream 2
Circling Buffalo Inc.

T: (204) 779-4318

F: (204) 779-4324


Where can I find help, where can anyone find help?

Talk with someone you trust, someone who cares about you. Health staff, a teacher, an elder of a friend. If there isn’t anyone you can trust you can call the 24/7 provincial toll-free crisis line: 1 877-977-0007

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