In unity we can prevent & reduce family violence

Where can I find help, where can anyone find help?

Talk with someone you trust, someone who cares about you. Health staff, a teacher, an elder of a friend. If there isn’t anyone you can trust you can call the 24/7 provincial toll-free crisis line: 1 877-977-0007

We gather in unity to awaken the spirit and the will within honouring life.

Why Does Family Violence Exist?

Children who are impacted by family violence grow up with the impression that family violence is normal, ‘it’s just the way things are’. Children learn violence and abuse by example. Violence may become part of their personal story, which is carried forward to the next generation. Let’s break the cycle!

When children witness violence in the home or community, they may believe that violence is normal. Without help, it can be difficult for victims of violence  to break the cycle. Research shows that violence progresses and becomes increasingly serious without intervention. Family violence reduces self esteem and increases shame and fear. Because children are young and impressionable, they may hold themselves responsible for the violence in their families.

Family violence is never acceptable! Children who grow up in families where violence occurs are at an increased risk to display violent tendencies as they grow up and become adults. Learn what defines family violence.

Break the Cycle to End Family Violence!

In order to put an end to family violence, we all have a responsibility. This website is just the beginning. We must all find the courage to reach out and offer support if we suspect any type of violence in a home or the community.